Secondhand & Outlet

Loppis poppis is a second hand store where everyday people can sell their things without having to man a booth themselves.

We offer a new and easy way for you to sell your things that you no longer have use of. You rent a booth, price your items and put them in the booth and we sell them for you!

Basically anything can be put for sale in our store, from small appliances, clothes, toys, books, CDs, decorations etc.

New sellers can start any day of the week so we have new items available all the time! Aside from second hand items we also have outlet items for sale. In some stores we also sell clothes based on how much they weigh!

Recycling and second hand is something we value highly: it’s a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to shop, and prevents perfectly useable items from being thrown in the trash. We give used items new life!

All you need to do is book a booth, attach the price tags, set up your items – and we will sell them for you! When your lease is over, collect your unsold items and receive payment for all your sales – directly into your bank account. In Loppis Poppis there are almost 200 booths and the selection changes from day to day. You can ALWAYS find something exciting, from everyday objects and clothes to unique treasures!

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